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Loverly Sheridan writes books to empower and uplift both adults and children. Her children’s books help children build character and confidence, develop skill sets, and helps raise awareness on critical issues affecting children. All of her books are available on Amazon world wide. To order large copies, please email her directly via the contact link. Thank you.

NEW Children’s BOOK:
The Girl With the Beret

Loverly Sheridan is honored to partner with the Kids Cancer Foundation for The Girl With the Beret campaign, to help spread awareness about childhood cancer, and to encourage kids to be kind.

A portion of proceeds from her new book will go towards the Foundation’s essential program and services.

Pre-order your book here, and get ready for her official book launch in September during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month at the Kids Cancer Foundation’s annual “Go Gold” event. Join the campaign, and help us spread the campaign by wearing your beret in honor of childhood cancer survivors. You can share your images and inspiring stories with the hashtag #thegirlwiththeberet and #kidscancerfoundation.

Also, like us on instagram and Facebook to keep up with the campaign.

To learn more about the Kids Cancer Foundation, click here:

The Girl With the Beret

Kate is strong, brave, smart, and beautiful. She’s also a cancer survivor, but the kids at her school don’t know that. When she loses her hair from chemotherapy, she wears a wig and beret to stop others from staring at her. The kids at school think she’s weird and tease her about her hair and beret. When Kate shares her story with a group of girls who are making fun of her, the girls feel sad about their bad behavior. In the end, the girls all wear berets in honor of Kate and show their support for all cancer survivors.

Be a Buddy, Not a Bully

The book “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully,” is an interactive book geared towards children between the ages of 3-10 years to be aware of their words and actions, and to be kind, compassionate and considerate of their peers. Author Loverly Sheridan uses the story of a little boy who is being bullied by his classmates to show the impact that bullying has on others, and in an interesting twist, how the bully also gets affected. It’s a compelling story which ignites great discussion between parents, teachers and children.

Buddy Ambassadors Participant Workbook

Buddy Ambassadors promotes kindness, empathy, compassion, and inclusivity in children. This is the participant workbook for the book, “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully,” by author Loverly Sheridan. Upon completion of this interactive workbook and eight week workshop by a trained professional, children will learn key concepts and themes on how to be a buddy, and become a Buddy Ambassador. Each child will also receive a Buddy Ambassadors Leadership Certificate and Button. Additional videos, activities, and role playing will be used when facilitating workshops.

Kate is SPRAK!

Kate wants to change the world and help make it a better place, but thinks that her small random acts of kindness are not enough. When her friends get recognized at school for their great deeds, she compares them to her own and feels that she could be doing more. Determined to figure out how she can help more people and make a greater impact on the world, she decides to share all of her grand ideas with her grandfather. He listens and tells her the story of a little girl who helped change the world by her Simple Random Acts of Kindness. Kate is in awe of the little girl and wants to be like her. She discovers that she doesn’t have to look very far and learns a valuable lesson on kindness and giving.

My Buddy Clappy

Mattie has a new buddy. His name is Clappy. Mattie and Clappy like to clap their hands. They clap their hands when they can say or do something new. Can you clap your hands?

Sandy’s Secret

Sandy’s Secret is an interactive story meant to encourage parents to sit and talk with their children about the threat of sexual abuse. It emphasizes the importance of speaking out if they or someone they know ever becomes a victim. On the first night of soccer camp, Sandy is touched inappropriately by a camp leader. Like most child victims of sexual abuse, she believes that she is to blame. Ashamed and embarrassed, Sandy wants desperately to keep it a secret. Her new friend, Kate, notices that something is wrong and convinces Sandy to confide in her. Sandy wants Kate to keep her secret, but in the end she chooses to do the right thing and tell their camp leader about her abuse.

U-nique Begins With ‘U’

In this interactive book, author Loverly Sheridan encourages children to embrace their uniqueness and that of their peers, by highlighting their individual beauty and uniqueness.

Tiki-Tok: Growing up in Saint Lucia

Author Loverly Sheridan gives readers an incredible insight through enchanting rhythms and beautiful pictures by award winning artist Jonathan Gladding about what it was like growing up in her beautiful island home Saint Lucia, in the Eastern Caribbean.

A Girl Like Me

In this compelling and powerful autobiography, author Loverly Sheridan tells her amazing story of self-discovery while traveling the world.
while traveling the world.


TJ is excited to reunite with his mother in the United States. He enjoyed living with his grandmother in Saint Lucia, a small island in the Caribbean Sea where his family is originally from, but he missed his mom very much. However, adapting to his new life in the U.S. would pose a few challenges for TJ.At his new school, TJ is confused by the latest “cool” trend in which the boys in his class wear sagging pants, and he gets teased by the other kids for wearing a uniform as he did in Saint Lucia. At first, TJ pleaded with his mom to allow him to wear regular clothes so he could fit in at school, but his mom insisted that he keep wearing his uniform to school. She even taught him a little about the history of sagging pants, and why they’re really aren’t so cool. She then challenged him to be a leader—not a follower, and advised him to lead by example.TJ took his mom’s advice and decided that instead of trying to fit in, he would stand out by being himself and educating his classmates about why it’s important that they pull up their pants and dress smartly. But would they listen?


Loverly Sheridan shares an amazing collection of compelling and thought provoking stories told by women from around the world. The narratives are unique to each woman, yet show an imaginary thread which bonds and connects women no matter where they are in the world. I AM WOMAN is a great conversation starter on some of the pressing issues affecting women today. It speaks on the power of love, faith, courage and forgiveness, and is bound to take every woman on a healing and cathartic journey as they identify with each writer.



"A Girl Like Me is a very inspiring story of a young woman who was true to herself and not afraid to share her experiences and the lessons that she has learned with the world. After reading this book I feel ready to step into the unknown. I would recommend this book to everyone, it will surely inspire you to be true to yourself and start living instead of merely existing!"

"Another beautiful children's book from Loverly Sheridan "U-nique Begins With "U". Positive, uplifting, classic and timeless words of wisdom brought to life by stunning images of children doing what they do best. The book captures in a simple and captivating way all the reassuring, soothing and life-affirming messages you want to pass on to children."

"There are lessons in every story in this book, and that is the strength and resilience of women, and their power to overcome. I thoroughly enjoyed reading "I AM WOMAN," and applaud Loverly Sheridan for providing an avenue for so many women to "speak their truth." Well done!!!"